You want to take your ride inside and stay in shape year-round. Keep it easy and accessible with this powerful indoor trainer with magnetic brake.



The Boost is controlled by a lever on your steer, allowing you to set the resistance as required. The higher the position, the more resistance.

1050W 10
power positions


The Boost is the only basic trainer with a closed resistance unit, highly reducing noise.

Intervals & power workouts

The powerful magnetic brake of the Boost enables intense interval sessions and power based workouts.

Realistic pedal stroke

The Boost features an actual flywheel which generates a realistic road feel.



Manually control resistance with 10 levels and up to 1050 watts.


Work out without waking the whole household.


With just two simple clicks, you’ll be ready to ride.



Get a realistic ride feel from an actual flywheel.


Included front wheel support makes it easy to move and store.


This indoor trainer has a small footprint, but provides a sturdy ride.

Stable & robust


Multifunctional front wheel support

The Skyliner is a front wheel support that raises the front wheel for a natural cycling position and increased stability. It also serves as a handle to carry the trainer.

Click ‘n ride

The bike is fixed in the trainer easily by two simple clicks.

Boost Bundle

Train on the basis of virtual power with this powerful indoor trainer with speed sensor. This tiny sensor knows a lot. It gives you speed and distance for indoor rides. Now you can keep your training going year-round while tracking how far and how fast and even train with your favorite app.

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Features & specifications

Type of trainer Basic Smart trainer with magnetic brake
Magnets 2x8 Permanent ferrite magnets
Transmission Roller, 30 mm
Electrical requirements No mains voltage required
Power indicator None
Connection indicator (ANT/BT) None
Firmware upgradable No
Suitable bikes Race, Tri & MTB , if necessary with axle skewer
Supplied with Front wheel support , Quick release for road bikes and mountain bikes (5mm)
Max. power (40 km/h) 1050 Watt
Max. incline n.a.
Simulation of descent No
Max. torque 17 Nm
Max. brake force 50 N
Flywheel Actual of 1,6 kg
Mass inertia 9.18 kg (20.2 lbs)
Calibration n.a.
Footprint (lxw) 675 × 650 mm (26.6 × 25.6 in)
Height 410 mm (16.1 in)
Dimensions when folded 565 × 410 × 245 mm (22.2 × 16.1 × 9.65 in)
Weight 8.53 kg (18.8 lbs)
Article number 010-02419-02
data output and control
Wireless communication None
Control by Handlebar resistance lever with 10 positions
Output n.a.
Read out on n.a.
Accuracy n.a.
Trainer Type Basic , Manual , Wheel-on , Wheel-on
Features Smooth ride feel , Silent , Powerful , Manual resistance control , Enables virtual power , Handlebar lever , Dual material roll , Resistance roll 30 mm , Actual flywheel , Foldable , Easy to carry , Easy to set-up , Suitable for power workouts , Suitable for interval training
Positions 10
Suitable axles Width of rear fork: Race 130 mm, MTB 135 mm. Adapters for other widths available

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