Choice of champions

To support the cycling sport, we are technical partner of many World Tour teams, Women teams, Pro-continental teams, triathletes, Continental teams, speed skaters, cyclocross and MTB teams. And partner with federations like the UCI. We work closely together with our partners to make sure our products are what you are looking for and optimize them according to their feedback. That way we can ensure our products meet the high standards of the pro peloton.


This Belgium team is our technical partner since 2005. The focus of #TheWolfpack is primarily on the Spring Classics, hilly stages and sprint stages, though they surprised in last year’s Tour with Julian Alaphilippe. The NEO 2T Smart and Tacx software helps them to prepare for this in the best way possible because this bike trainer can generate power outputs up to 2200 Watts and simulate inclines up to 25%. The firm grip of the Ciro bottle cage will ensure that the riders stay hydrated during the races because they won’t lose one of their Tacx pro team bottles.


This Dutch team has a rich history and was founded in 1996. Tacx already teamed up with their compatriot in 2001 and has extended the contract last years with another five years. The focus of this team lies on the general classification of the Grand Tours. This will demand very specific training sessions and the versatility of the NEO 2T Smart and Tacx software will help them with this. They’ll be riding with the Ciro bottle cage and pro team bottles of Tacx.


This American team was founded in 2004 and is partner of Tacx since 2010. Their outstanding kit is very popular among the fans and our pro team bottle and Ciro bottle cage make a perfect match! The line-up of their riders on the NEO 2T trainers during a warm-up before a race is always a great view. This bike trainer in combination with the Tacx software enables them to train very effectively.

Mitchelton-SCOTT (M/F)

The Australian formation joined our forces since 2020. Not only the brothers Yates are now part of the team, but also current World Champion Annemiek van Vleuten. The Ciro bottle cage and pro team bottles of Tacx will help him to keep control their hydration, and with the NEO 2T Smart trainer and Tacx software they’ll be able prepare perfectly for this year!


The South African based team was founded in 2008 and has partnered up with Tacx again since last year. The Ciro bottle cages and pro team bottles of Tacx are a perfect fit for this team. Will Boasson Hagen be able to strike again this year? The NEO 2T Smart with 2200 Watt output and effective Tacx software might just give him a little bit extra to do so.


The Kazakhstan formation was formed in 2004 and is partner of Tacx since 2008. The focus for this year will be on winning a Grand Tour with Miguel Ángel López. Superman can prepare himself perfectly for this by simulating most of the famous climbs he will encounter with the Tacx software in combination with the NEO 2T Smart trainer. As the other teams, the Astana bikes are equipped with the Ciro bottle cage and pro team bottles of Tacx.


This Belgium team was founded in 1985 and is one of the most long standing teams in the peloton. Tacx partnered up with this formation in 2010. The strong Ciro bottle cages and pro team bottles of Tacx are an ideal fit for the team. With the help of the very accurate NEO 2T Smart bike trainer and Tacx software, they can prepare themselves as good as possible for the races. Will Philippe Gilbert be able to win his 5th Monument this year?


This strong German women’s team was established in 2009 and joined our family last year. They’ll be supported with the NEO 2T Smart trainer and Ciro bottle cage. Not to mention the Tacx pro team bottles that matches their beautiful outfit perfectly. They join the Zwift Academy every year and have the former winners of the Finals – powered by Tacxrecruited in their pro team.


This successful Dutch team was founded in 2010 and Tacx is technical partner of them since 2018. They’ve won several World Championships and are eager to add another title to this list. With the powerful NEO Smart trainer with an output of 2200 Watt, the Ciro bottle cage and Tacx pro team bottles they’ll be able to really push their limits this year!

CCC – Liv

This Dutch team was established in 2006 and is partner of Tacx since 2018. Marianne Vos is the most well-known rider of this team as she conquered the World Championship title for an incredible twelve times. The NEO Smart trainer in combination with the Tacx software can help her to prepare in the best way. CCC-Liv will also be riding the Ciro bottle cage and Tacx pro team bottles.


This Swiss team was founded in 2005 and joined Tacx last year. We will be supporting them with NEO 2T Smart trainersCiro bottle cages and pro team bottles. The design of their outstanding team kit can be found on the bottles as well.


This French team was founded in 2000 and has the technical support from Tacx since 2018. By welcoming Niki Terpstra to this team last year, they made one thing clear: they will mainly focus on the spring classics. Terpstra is a big fan of the NEO Smart and this powerful bike trainer is able to deliver during his most intense training sessions. We will also be supporting this team with Ciro bottle cages and pro team bottles.


Besides pro cycling teams we’re also supporting other disciples, like this very successful MTB Racing Team with multiple champion Nino Schurter. The team was founded in 2002 and their professional structure turned out into a success story which lasts until today, creating National, World Cup, World and Olympic Champions. The team makes use of the NEO 2T Smart trainer in combination with the Tacx software.


This successful German triathlete is partner of Tacx since 2016. To prepare himself in the best way for the IRONMAN World Championships, he trains with the NEO Smart trainer. With a power output of 2200 Watts, an accuracy within 1% and an incline simulation of up to 25%, it is definitely the choice of the champions.

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